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Tyrannosaurus series katana

Apr 12, 2024

The Tyrannosaurus series is a collection we designed and launched in 2024, encompassing various blade profiles such as shobu, moroha, unokubi, and more. It's specifically tailored for individuals who aren't necessarily professional but still engage in cutting activities and seek durability. The blades are forged from 9260/51CRV4 high carbon steel and undergo professional modern vacuum heat treatment. Compared to traditional blade treatments, this method offers more precise temperature control, resulting in more uniform hardness and toughness, enhancing resilience and resistance to lateral cutting forces. With this uniform heating process, we can make the blades thinner while maintaining the original maneuverability and balance of Japanese swords. If you need to cut harder targets, we can shape the edges to resemble an axe, significantly increasing durability at the expense of some sharpness.

Specifications for the Tyrannosaurus series:

Blade: 9260/51CRV4 steel - vacuum heat treated, overall hardness 57-58HRC

Nakago: Full tang, 1 meguki

Haba: Brass

Tsuka: Made of solid wood material, featuring genuine samegawa panels, fake silk ito, exceptionally durable. Internally filled with epoxy resin, it won't loosen no matter how vigorously you swing it.

Tsuba: Brass/Iron, highly durable, resistant to damage, with clear casting details

F&K: Brass

Saya: Basic saya with the designation BSY, crafted from high-quality wood, thick lacquer coating for increased durability

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Shinogi Zukuri

Shobu Zukuri

Unokubi Zukuri

Hira Zukuri

Moroha Zukuri

chokuto Zukuri(切刃)

Kanmuriotoshi Zukuri

Ninjato(Straight blade)

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