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Customer Reviews (34)

  • A****s
    I have two of the Shadow Dancer $128 swords that I use as tameshigiri loaners for the people that I study iaido with. I have a couple things I’d like to point out about each that might be helpful for someone who’s interested.

    Photos taken when both were brand new.

    One is made from 51crv4 (black iron tsuba) with a bohi and the hishigami pro. $238 before shipping.

    The other is 9260, no bohi. This one also has the hishigami pro add on. Price before shipping $188.

    Each sword came with their own little flaws in the fit and finish. The koiguchi for the 51crv4 is too tight (not a terrible problem, it’s getting better through use). The samegawa on the 9260 has several panels that were used instead of one solid panel for each side.

    The quality of the fittings is good for both. The saya obviously lack any horn reinforcement, but the shape of the saya, especially for the 9260, is very nice.

    The yokote of the 9260 is geometric where it is cosmetic on the 51crv4.

    Both have their nakago epoxied into the tsuka, so they cannot be disassembled. This can be opted out of.

    Both are fine cutters. I really don’t think you could do better at their price. My recommendation is to maybe just stick with the 9260 version. As for the hishigami upgrade, the pro level is very good and tight, but with the help of a spray can of clear lacquer, the regular hishigami might be just fine, too.

    I may end up getting a 3rd and 4th (katana and wakizashi) to make a daisho.
  • E****R
    Light quick and superb cutter. Additionally, it is perfectly executed. Please see the review by Matthew Jenson on Youtube.
  • Nagamaki L6 Steel Clay Temper
    US$ 533.00
    A beautiful and remarkably agile sword. I recommend it very highly!
  • M****M
    There is nothing not to like with this sword. It arrived on time and was well-packaged. The sword and scabbard are well-made and solid. It's balanced and heavy, but not too heavy. It's paper-cutting sharp and needs to be handled with care. Not for kids or immature adults. I bought 2 different katanas, to compare them in my home, with the intention of keeping my favorite and returning the other. If I decide to add another katana to my collection, I will buy from this company again.
  • Nagamaki L6 Steel Clay Temper
    US$ 533.00
    Nagamaki was exactly what I was looking for. The quality was excellent. The ito is nice and tight, saya fit perfectly and the sword has a very nimble feel for such a large weapon. I requested a few customizations and everything was as requested. Shipping only took a week to arrive! I'm very pleased with the whole transaction
  • Muramasa Replica
    US$ 790.00
    I love it,and i would call it the best replica in the world
  • Sh****on
    It was perfect, exactly as described!
  • Br****on
    I purchased two swords from them and some are very good! ! I really like this Hyoshinshi hideyo Nyudo Replica, his saya is the best I have seen so far
  • D****d
    Beautiful work of art
  • R****g
    This is my first time purchasing a sword from Shadowdancer, and overall, I am very satisfied. The visibly high-quality polish, the high-quality ito (I customized the tsukamimaki wrapping style), the high-quality samegawa, the lacquer on the saya, and more—I really love this sword.

    It's worth mentioning that their customer service is truly excellent; they respond within 24 hours in most cases. The shopping experience this time was fantastic!
  • Sa****es
    Bought it as a gift for my brother, and he loves it. The details are stunning. I will definitely buy another one. Their shipping speed is very fast, it only took about a week to reach me.
  • Jo****er
    very nice sword
  • D****k
    Well-crafted and looks beautiful. I had previously purchased their 9260, and I really like their habaki.
  • Da****ez
    Shadowdancer provides excellent customization services. I spent 100 USD to add a bohi to this sword, and the quality in all aspects is outstanding. The bohi is also not rippled, as you often find with swords from typical Chinese manufacturers; it is very straight and has a taper towards the tip.
  • Co****ks
    Great place to buy a sword, I got exactly what I ordered and in really good shape.
  • Bonji Sanmai Tamahagane Katana
    US$ 2259.00
    Received a high quality sword, I am very satisfied with all the details
  • Ma****an
    Great product, my son was stoked! And it got here quicker than local post....🤔
  • Ti****ts
    I purchased a total of 3 swords, all of which are genuine katana. They have a very high-level polish, advanced steel, and incredibly sharp edges.
  • Choji Hamon Sakura Katana
    US$ 580.00
    I ordered gold-plated fittings, a red glossy saya (including the buffalo horn), and after receiving the item, I replaced the sageo with silk sageo purchased from Yahoo Japan. Everything is perfect, and the craftsmanship is beautiful. Thank you!
  • An****ry
    This is truly a beautiful sword, surpassing the one I have from Motohara. I love it!

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