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Tyrannosaurus 9260/51crv4 Steel Shinogi Zukuri Wakizashi

Tyrannosaurus 9260/51crv4 Steel Shinogi Zukuri WakizashiItem NO.: 1581752

US$ 128.00
with bohi
machine polishing
No Hishigami
with hishigami
with hishigami pro
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Tyrannosaurus 9260/51crv4 Steel Shinogi Zukuri Wakizashi
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  • This is a mass-produced model that does not support any customization beyond the default specifications. The tsuka comes filled with epoxy resin by default, enhancing its durability. If you do not require this feature, please make a note of it when placing your order.
  • This sword, being a special promotional product, is not eligible for the new user 20% discount offer.
  • Blade hardness is approximately 57 HRC, utilizing modern industrial blade hardening processes.
  • Accessory and assembly craftsmanship akin to authentic Nihonto.
  • This is a meticulously crafted katana that can make you feel like a brave and skilled warrior/samurai.
  • This model is meant for display and light cutting.
  • We offer additional wrapping services for Tsuka Ito, and you can choose to add an additional fee of 30/60 USD to select Hishigami/Hishigami Pro. They will make the Ito more compact.
  • I believe this katana should be a must-have item. You can explore our unique samurai sword through this model. It is priced at only $128, yet its craftsmanship (not configuration) surpasses the majority of similar products in the market, even outperforming many products that cost over a thousand dollars. We are very confident about this because we have been engaged in the manufacture of Japanese swords for over 20 years and have a deep understanding of products in the market.

    Why is this katana considered unique? As you may know, the katana is not designed for violent use (such as chopping trees as an axe). If used violently, the fittings and tsuka are prone to loosening. Therefore, this katana is designed specifically for customers who enjoy violent use. Its tsuka and fittings are securely fixed with imported epoxy resin, ensuring excellent durability. Even with use similar to that of an axe, it is difficult to loosen the fittings and handle. Of course, you can also choose the traditional detachable fixing method without using epoxy resin (just specify in the order notes).

    The blade is made of imported 9260 steel, the only 9260 steel in the market that undergoes vacuum heat treatment, reaching a hardness of about 57 HRC, one of the best heat treatment technologies. For only $128, you can own this sturdy and durable 9260 steel katana.

    • ——————————————-

      ■Tsuka:Haichi Style
      ■Tsuka Samegawa:White  Real Rayskin 
      ■Tsuka Ito:Fake Silk Ito
      ■Kurikata Shitodome:Alloy
      ■Saya Style:Oil Lacquer
      ■Sageo:Thickened Sageo
      ■Sori:About 1.5CM
      ■Tsuka Length:20CM
      ■Bohi:The option to include a bohi is available for selection
      ■Material:9260/51CRV4 Steel
      ■Hamon Style:No Hamon
      ■Blade Style:Shinogi Zukuri
      ■Heat Treatment:  Vacuum heat treatment.
      ■Weight with/without Saya :987g/790g

      Warning:The data is just for reference because the handmade products’s data has error.
      ■Polishing:Machine polishing


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