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Tyrannosaurus series (17)

In the new year of 2024, we are upgrading our basic sword series to the Tyrannosaurus series. This series of swords represents our baseline quality, and you won't find any products lower-end than these in our lineup.

All swords in this series are crafted using high-performance steels such as 9260, 5160, 51CRV4, and others, designed specifically for practitioners looking to perfect cutting techniques.

Through our special heat treatment, the blades in this series exhibit exceptional elasticity compared to traditional clay tempering, with greater tolerance to off-axis cutting. They don't require overly thick or wide specifications to withstand various forms of misuse, allowing us to perfectly replicate the weight and characteristics of traditional Japanese swords/Nihonto.

Samurai either carry two swords (katana and wakizashi) or a tanto and a long sword (katana). All our swords can be customized into wakizashi versions, but this will increase production time and costs.

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